Zee Yuva’s Baapmanus is a story of a larger than life god fatherly figure to the whole village, and the entire politics involved in trying to take away his name and position. The show launched in December and has always garnered love and respect for its out of the box storyline. Baapmanus brings a distinctive political drama to the table for its viewers. On 10th April 2018, Baapmanus hit its first milestone by completing a 100-successful episode. The star-cast and makers of the show involved in a very unique way of celebrating
this momentous occasion.

Leaving behind the ordinary on set cake cutting celebration, the star-cast of Baapmanus chose to celebrate this milestone with the underprivileged kids at ‘Shaksham Community Centre’. The cast visited the NGO in Thane and indulged in a fun interactive session with the kids where they performed various skits and acts for the cast which was followed by a cake cutting session. They also donated stationary to the children as a memorable gift on completion of their 100 episodes. Sharing his excitement on the completion of 100 episodes Baapmanus Ravindra Mankani said, “It’s such a proud and happy moment for all of us that the show has been accepted by the audiences so well. We look forward to the support for many more episodes to come. It’s the big 100th episode celebration time
for us as we are celebrated it with the innocent kids and had a great time with all of them.”

Speaking on this milestone, Suyash Tilak said, “It is a happy moment for all of us to have completed 100 episodes but more over I want to thank our audience who have constantly kept supporting us and showering us with their love. What could be a better way than celebrating this milestone with today’s children who are also the future of tomorrow. A big thank you to Saksham Community Centre for letting us
share our happiness along with their kids.”