Zee Yuva brings to us distinctive and relatable content in form of various shows based on the viewers interest. One such show is the channels latest offering, ‘Amhi Doghi’. Based on a family drama, Amhi Doghi highlights the unbreakable bond between two sisters. The show rotates around a pair of sisters which completely different personalities.

Recently the viewers saw the replacement of Madhura’s role. Shivani Rangole, who used to play the role of Madhura in Aamhi Doghi took an exit from the show and now her role has been replaced by actress Prasiddhi Kishor. After Prasiddhi’s entry, the show has now witnessed another new entry of renowned actor Sharad Ponkshe in the latest episode.

In the current track, Madhura came to know about Meera and Aditya’s relationship. Shattered and devastated Madhura did not give up on Aditya and attempted suicide to break their relationship. To save Madhura, Meera promise her that she will stay away from Aditya and will not come in-between hem.

On the other hand, Aditya has no clue about Meera’s conversation with Madhura. It’s hard for Meera to stay away from Aditya, just to keep her promise Meera decides to leave that place and shift somewhere else. While she has left from the house in themidnight, she met an unknown guy played by Sharad Ponkshe who offered her help. But apparently, he recognized her which left Meera shocked.

What is that unknown person’s intention? Will Aditya be able to find out Meera? Will Madhura win Aditya’s heart? To find out don’t forget to watch Amhi Doghi, Monday to Friday at 8PM only on Zee Yuva