Zee Yuva’s USP is its unique and distinctive content in the Marathi GEC space. Content based on the viewers interest shapes the shows of Zee Yuva. The channel’s latest offering showcase a clear ‘Yuva’

factor in them which directly connects to the viewers. After successful launches one after the another, Zee Yuva has been on top of all charts for outstanding content in the GEC space. The channel is all set to launch a brand new show in a a different genre in the month of November named Vartul.

As the name suggests the show literally rotated around the real circle of life.  With a captivating story line, Vartul is a mix of suspense and thriller. The family drama is based on a women’s past haunting her future. Coming from an orphanage the protagonist Meenakshi is a simple girl with a mysterious past.

She marries a well known and rich business men Abhijit who falls in love with her
simplicity. Later the show will witness a plot twist when Meenakshi’s past stats unfolding in front of Abhijit. She tries to keep her past a secret and hides all the evidences from her family. Her past comes back to her life in an unexpected and ugly manner and seems to scare her at every moment of the day.

In the first promo, Abhijits family is seen praising Meenakshi for her simplicity and her cooking skills however when she goes back to the kitchen she finds a message on the misty wall that says I’ know where you are’.  What part of her past is Meenakshi trying to hide from Abhijit? Why is she affected by her past?

To find out, do watch ‘Vartul’ coming soon on Zee Yuva