Zee Yuva has always been up to date with fresh and energetic content specially curated for the youth. Phulpakhru, one of the oldest shows on the channel is a college love story which makes it extremely relatable to its viewers.

The love story of Vaidehi and Manas has been more of a roller coaster ride with various up’s and down’s in their relationship. Their relationship is about to have a new meaning as they are getting married in the show. The preparations are driving each one of the family member’s crazy as they have very little time to get everything in place.

While the family member’s take care of the in-house decor and design, the bride and groom step out to buy outfits for the wedding day. The wedding shenanigans are taking over the star cast of Zee Yuva’s Phulpakhru as the big day is coming closer. Busiest of all are the bride and groom as they have now headed out for wedding shopping.

It will be a rare sight to watch as Manas accompanies the girl gang in the Saree shopping. They visit the Kalamandir shop at Thane. Known for the best Sarees in town, Vaidehi can barely make a choice between all the beautiful saree’s around her.

Accompanied by her beau’ family, Vaidehi decides to buy a beautiful traditional Maharashtrain ‘Navaree’ saree. The Ladies who are confused between which is the best for
them end up picking 2-3 saree’s for each one of them. Bride to be, Vaidehi tried on many saree’s before she made her choice to wear a Navaree.

Apart from the saree shopping, It was very warm bonding day out for Vaidehi, Manas and his family. After shopping for a bunch load of Sarees, Vaidehi had to ask the vendor to drop all of them home. With this kind of massive preparations, we cannot wait to see the outfits of the Bride and Groom