Oxygen is very important for everyone who born on Earth. And it’s true and pure source is the trees. If they are around then we can take a clean, fresh breath. To save trees, to take care of them, to save the forest. To give such a thought, a new movie “Seed Balls”, directed by Akhil Desai, will soon be in the hands of the audience.

The whole team of this movie took a blessing of Ganpati Bappa at Sidhavinayak Temple of Dadar. And will start the shoot of the movie very soon. At this time, Director Akhil Desai, Sayali Gavkar and Rudra Dhore, Prashant Nagre, Producer Suresh Dhore and other movie crew team were present.

After this, the “Seed Balls” movie team visited Kamala Mehta blind school in Dadar and spent time with them giving chocolates. Speaking about this film, Akhil Desai said, “It is about the struggle of a girl who gathers all her friends to save the forest in a village. This movie is going to be presented in both Hindi and English languages. The filming of this film will start from December, at Nashik, Konkan, and Wadgaon. And in 2019 it will be coming to the audience.”

“I am happy to have the responsibility of identifying the real need of trees, forests and trying to save them, and also I am thank Akhil Desai sir for giving me such an opportunity to present this role as a lead,” Sayali Gavkar expressed her feelings. Rudra Dhore said, “This movie is in Hindi and English, hence the currently, Sir is taking our workshops for improving Hindi language. The subject of the movie is good and I am very excited about being doing Hindi for the first time.