• TV Serial : Sare Tujhyachsathi | सारे तुझ्याचसाठी
  • Also Known As : Sare Tujhyachsathi Sony Marathi Serial, Sare Tujhyachsathi Marathi TV Serial
  • Producer : Shashank Ganesh Solanki
  • Director : Manish Khandelwal
  • Production House : Seventh Sense Media Pvt Ltd
  • StarCast :
    • Harshad Atkari as Kartik
    • Gautami Deshpande as Shruti

Sare Tujhyachsathi Marathi Serial Details

  • Story and Screenplay : Chinmay Mandlekar
  • Cinematography (DOP) : Pushpang Gavade, Sandip Varadkar and Abhishek Kambali
  • Art Director : Rajesh Sapte
  • Editor : Asim Ahmad and Sachin Kelkar
  • Sound Design : Arunkumar Mishra
  • Costumes : Anjali Khobarekar and Nikita Shintre
  • Make-Up : Sunil Pawar
  • Creative Team (Sony Marathi) : Soha Kulkarni, Amruta More and Rajesh Pathak
  • Concept : Sony Marathi
  • Dialogues : Shweta Pendase
  • Background Music : Avinash-Vishwajit
  • Title Song Lyrics : Vishwajit Joshi
  • Title Song Music : Avinash-Vishwajit
  • Title Song Singer : Rohit Raut and Juilee Joglekar
  • Background Singer (Kartik – Shruti) : Aditya Modak and Gautami Deshpande
  • Genre : Romantic Drama
  • Channel : Sony Marathi
  • Production Team (Seventh Sense Media Pvt Ltd) : Aniket Mhasavekar and Vinayak Bhokare
  • Direction Team (Seventh Sense Media Pvt Ltd) : Abhijit Patil, Sunny Puradkar, Mohak Girdhar and Vikram Shinde
  • Creative Team (Seventh Sense Media Pvt Ltd) : Vishwajit Joshi and Santosh Prabhune
  • O.A.P. Team (Sony Marathi) : Kamlesh Chavan, Siddhesh Surve, Shreyas Bhosale, Sachin Nagargoje and Omkar Dingore
  • Marketing and Publicity Team (Sony Marathi) : Sony Adhav, Tushar Jahagirdar and Siddharth Nayak
  • Research Team (Sony Marathi) : Asmita Pansare, Atul Lokhande, Harshad Raut, Prakash Parab and Priyanka Gurav
  • Starting Date : 20th August 2018
  • Starting Time : Monday to Saturday at 08:00 PM


Story Outline : This is a story of a girl who is a boxer and a boy who is a classical singer. Both are passionate about their professions and do not have marriage on their mind. However, on the insistence of their families, they decide to explore the idea of marriage and then meet each other in an arranged marriage set-up. The story explores the nuances of both, courtship and arranges marriage.

Sare Tujhyachsathi Sony Marathi Serial Photos:

saare-tujyasathi Saare-Tuzhyach-Sathi-Marathi-TV-Serial-on-Sony-Marathi Sare-Tujhyachsathi-Sony-Marathi-Serial Sare Tujhyachsathi Serial Watch OnlineSare Tujhyachsathi Serial Watch Online Sare Tujhyachsathi Serial Watch Online