Ajinkya (Nitish Chavhan) And Shital (Shivani Baokar) She also liked her as well as the love story Feeling.The love of Sheetal and Ajinkya (Nitish Chavhan) was opposed by many, but despite their opposition, on their love They will be together soon after due faith. Ajinkya (Nitish Chavhan) and Shital (Shivani Baokar) wedding is scheduled for May 30 th.

There is a problem of marriage at both the houses. In these circumstances, Jayshree ( Kiran Dhane ) is suddenly married and the householder Gives a shock There is a debate in her house due to her sudden decision. But Ajinkya (Nitish Chavhan) Sheetal (Shivani Baokar) Decided to decide when to get married. But Harshavardhan ( Kiran Gaikawad ) is trying very hard to get married to them. In their wedding HarshVardhan ( Kiran Gaikawad ) brings financial problems to Shital’s house. That is why the end in the invincible and the soft Decide to get married in a group wedding and get home permissions.


Nitish Chavhan And Shivani Baokar Wedding Photos