To maintain a relationship, it is important to open it, that love is in that relationship. Love is such a feeling that everyone has experienced at least once in their lives. Then whether it is love for life partner or a love for a beloved children, a mother or a father. With the aim of bringing the love in different stories to the audience, the new magazine, based on love, emotions and relationships, will start on 22nd January at 9:30 pm on Monday and Tuesday at Zee Yuva, with the aim of bringing different stories to the audience.

A beautiful experience based on relationship in Gulmohar can be seen on Monday and Tuesday. From this series, many huge and favourite artists are coming to meet zee yuva’s viewers.

The first thing about this is how to laugh in life and how important it is. Through this series, Shreyas Talpade, who is well-known for his famous Marathi and Hindi film industry, has been on the small screen for many years. In this first time, he is supporting actress Girija Godbole. When asked about Shreyas’s reclamation on his small screen, he said, “Zee Network is the treasure of money, entertainment, new era … young people”, which is the perfect time for friendship, friendship of the college, the neoplak of love, the hostel which Today’s Arunacharya Mahavishava sky . As soon as Zee Youth channel asked me about the first thing in ‘Gulmohar’, I immediately got ready. In this thing, Girija Godbole is with me and Directed by Mandar Devasthali, the best director is directing this series.

Zee Youth and Zee Talkies ‘business head, Jawlekar will love the crowds’ audience and try to give ashamiamlika zee youth to the heart. The song “Gulmohar” is not a love affair but it is an episode featuring a different role on human, emotional, and emotional relationships. This series will see many well-known faces in the audience. Just like the audience , Zee Youth is doing on other fronts, similarly Gulmohar will also be loved.