Ka Re Durava is about a young married couple, Jay & Aditi. Living in the city of dreams, Mumbai and harboring even bigger dreams, Jay & Aditi come from a modest middle class background and find joys in the small things of life. They believe in working hard towards their goals and are striving to make it big one day. In the daily rigmarole to make ends meet, they land in the same office where they have to keep their marriage status a secret. So when on one hand, at home they are a much-in-love married couple, in office they are no more than colleagues. Why are Jay & Aditi keeping their marriage a secret? How long will they be able to keep their love from public? Will their love find a new meaning owing to this distance? Watch Jay & Aditi’s story unravel on Ka Re Durava, every Mon-Sat 09:00 PM, only on Zee Marathi.