Watch official Trailer of Upcoming Marathi Movie Figght 2019

An intense, passionate struggle of sweat and tears in the boxing ring. An intense, passionate journey of love, money, pride. Blood, sweat, and tears of a farmer’s son for the boxing ring. Will the untapped potential of farmer’s son triumph in a boxing ring or he will succumb to the money, pride and love? Will a punch in the boxing ring will heal a wounded heart of farmer’s son?

Watch ‘Kalana Kaahi’ (Song by Ajay Gogavale)

  • Movie : Figght 2019
  • Studio : FuttureXProduction
  • Produced By – Lalit Oswaal
  • Directed By – Jimmy Moray
  • Editor – Shashank Shah
  • Sound – Rashi Butte
  • Dop – Suneel Borkar, Nishant Bhagwat
  • Writer – Swapnil Mahaling
  • Songs- Swapnil Godbole
  • Background – Praful Karlekar. | Action Drama Film | Jeet | Ajay Atul