Zee Yuva’s Baapmanus is a story of a larger than life god fatherly figure, portrayed by senior actor Ravindra Mankani (Dadasaheb). The show revolves around the politics that goes on behind Dadasaheb and the fight in the family to take over the supreme position of the village. His son is played by Suyash Tilak, who feels it’s his responsibility to continue the great work of his father.



Through his journey as the village head Dadasahed who had a lot of detractors had one confidante in his right hand Shabbir. Shabbir stood by him through thick and thin like a pillar of strength.In the current track apart from the budding relationship between Geeta and Surya the show also focuses on the growing bonding between Dadasaheb and Shabbir.



Dadasaheb claims that he could not manage to be where he is today if Shabbir wouldn’t have supported him. Despite of Shabbir being a Muslim, Dadasaheb considers him to be a family member. Dadasahed supports Shabbir through his bad times and hence Shabbir vows to never leave his side. The villagers also started considering Shabbir to be a shadow of Dadasaheb and Shabbir too claims that he is what he is because of Dadasaheb.

Amidst the growing politics in the village, Will Dadasaheb and Shabbir’s bond still remain the same? With Geeta and Surya getting so close, will their bond change into a permanent relationship? To know what happens, don’t forget to watch the show from every Monday to Saturday at 8:30 PM only on Zee Yuva