Zee Yuva brings to us distinctive and relatable content in form of various shows based on the viewers interest. One such show on the channel is Anjali which revolves around an intelligent, soft spoken and young aspiring doctor and the trials and triumphs she faces in the world of medicine. It also offers an insight into her interpersonal relationships with her associates. In the recent track on the show, Dr Aseem goes missing and Yash is blamed for his disappearance, as he used to like Anjali before. Hence, everyone thinks he could be the hand behind Aseem’s missing news. Yash tries to convince everyone, but his efforts
go wasted.

In the upcoming track we will see, Yash decides to find Aseem at any cost. He searches for him near the jungle and meanwhile gets a call from Aseem from an unknown number. In a state of shock, Yash traces Aseem and reaches the location where Aseem sees him and Yash takes him home. Everyone in the house is  happy on Aseem’s return and Anjali asks him to never leave her and go anywhere again. Meanwhile, Anjali goes to talk to Aseem but he seems disinterested and gets annoyed with the smallest of things.
Anjali finds a weird change in his behavior and is shocked to see this side of Aseem. She then asks him about where he had been for so long and Aseem avoids her question and steps out of the room. Anjali is disheartened to see the change in his demeanour and plans to find out the reason.  Will Anjali figure out what happened when Aseem went missing? Will Anjali be able to solve the mystery behind it all?

To find out, dont forget to watch Anjali from Monday to Saturday at 8:00 PM only on Zee Yuva