Zee Yuva brings to us distinctive and relatable content in form of various shows based on the viewers interest. One such show is the channels latest offering, Amhi Doghi Based on a familydrama, Amhi Doghi highlights the unbreakable bond between two sisters. The show rotates around apair of sisters with completely different personalities. The elder one of which is the innocent, honestand pure whereas the younger one is notorious, fun loving and troublesome. In the current track, theviewers can see the budding relation between Meera and Aditya.

In the latest episode, Meera gets stuck in the auditorium and her phone is out of range. Her familytries to reach her but there is absolutely no response. Getting tensed up on the situation, Meera and Madhuras Mama suddenly gets a panic attack. Madhura and Aditya get hyper after seeing Mama scondition and leave to look for Meera. After a lot of difficult they finally manage to find Meera. Congested in the auditorium, Meera somehow makes her way out. Meera hugs Aditya the momentshe sees him and heave sigh of relief. They get Meera back home and ask her to rest for a while.When Aditya goes back to his room, he starts thinking about the whole situation and suddenlyrealises that he might have feelings for Meera. While trying to contemplate his feelings, Aditya thinksof confessing his love to Meera instead. Viewers will be curious to know about Aditya’s next step andthey will soon get to know about it in the upcoming episodes.

Will Aditya gather the courage to tell Meera what he really feels about her? or will he decide to not lether know about it.

To find out, watch Amhi Doghi at 8 PM from Monday to Saturday only on Zee Yuva!